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3 generations in the Hunter Valley

There were times after we decided to move from London to Sydney that I doubted we made the right decision.

The out of control house prices, the general cost of living, the infrequent public transport, the traffic – oh the Sydney traffic! Nothing makes my blood boil more than being stuck in gridlock when you have the pleasure of paying $22 in tolls a day for. (Note for the future: we’ll probably look back at this laughing about the good old days when we only had to spend two lunches worth of money on tolls, but hey, right now it seems like a helluva lot of money)

Coming to terms with real estate in Sydney was a whole other thing – and as our house search moved further and further away from the city, and right back to where I’d grown up, I honestly wondered just what we had done. The CG on the other hand has ended up in his little slice of heaven, though I don’t think even he could have foreseen his love of lawn maintenance.

Now we’ve been here for a few years, I can’t imagine living in a small inner city place with Wolfie and Wilder, who live half their lives in our backyard. More importantly, I can’t imagine living further away from my folks – my ever helpful, eternally babysitting parents who are less than 10 minutes away and on hand for absolutely anything we ask. Bet after all my years away they never thought they’d sometimes be eating dinner with me four times in one week!

After our recent mishaps, the CG’s work gifted us the most thoughtful weekend away to the Hunter Valley – and as a thank you to my parents for the ever present support, we packed them and the kids up and headed to The Old Schoolhouse for the long weekend.

While wine tasting isn’t ideal for kids, we still managed to squeeze a few wineries in amongst exploring the property, toasting marshmallows, bushwalks, and lots of family time.

It was the perfect weekend for appreciating everything we have, and how lucky we are.