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Christmas time in the city

Yeah, yeah, I know it's February already. But in mother of small kids time, that means I'm basically the most organised person ever. Because seriously, who has time to blog just for memory sake when you're knee deep in fart jokes from your three year old and every time you take your eyes off your one year old you find him standing on top of a table?

And just to prove my point above, I'm now writing this second paragraph in April, when the three year old is already four, and the one year old has started galloping everywhere. SIGH.

So to summarise (in case I blink again and it suddenly becomes September), the Melbourne family came up to spend Christmas with us last year and it was fab. We ate and drank loads, played cards, argued over who was paying the bill, and had lots of hands on deck to manage the aforementioned kids. Perfect.

The older I get, the more I realise the importance of extended family. I want the kids to know their multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts, great uncles, second cousins...the dozens of relatives stemming from their grandparents large families (13, 6, 6 and 5 kids in each!). It's a privilege to have a family spread throughout the world that we can visit, but it's sad that we aren't closer to enjoy the everyday together.

Plus let's be honest. We could do with a few more babysitters on hand.