JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Copacabana, NSW (and the end of maternity leave)

Holy sheet, going back to work after nine months on maternity leave is hard.

Putting my corporate head on is hard, getting immersed in the detail is hard, and dealing with continual childcare illnesses is hella hard. It feels like Wolfie and Wilder are playing a grim game of tag with germs, and the real losers are the CG and I who struggle through nights of broken sleep and have to rearrange work days to stay home when they're too sick to send to daycare. Yet again I thank my lucky stars we have my parents close by to help when they can.

Of course for some reason we also thought redoing our kitchen would be a good thing to throw into the mix of me returning to work, so we also get the bonus of living in a semi building site with no kitchen. Not to mention the major gas leak we had to have fixed in an emergency call out. The main upshot being that I could really use a holiday to look forward to, but we have no plans to go anywhere *sob*.

Luckily we had a weekend away up the coast with friends before I headed back to work, so I can just faintly remember what it's like to be relaxed (or as relaxed as one can be when you have two kids).

Mind you, there are perks to being back at work. Like enforced down time on my commute, admittedly often utilised for catching up on work, but still, I've managed to read one book so far. Plus interesting lunches, going to the toilet without a small person standing next to me or trying to climb onto my lap, having a cup of tea while it's still warm, and not having to change nappies or think about what to feed the kids or how to entertain them.

It's good to be someone other than a mummy. Even if I do spend all my time talking about them.