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Zushi, Barangaroo

I love my birthday. As in, I REALLY freaking love my birthday. So it's somewhat annoying that Wolfie arrived two weeks early, interrupting my birthday weekend of celebrations in the first place, and that I will now forever spend my birthday weekend preparing for his birthday celebrations.

But this year I not only had my birthday weekend hijacked, the little monster hijacked my actual birthday by pretending to be sick and unable to attend childcare. I mean, COME ON! Of all the days you could be sick enough to not go to school, but not sick enough to actually have to stay at home. Damn my conscience. If I didn't care about potentially infecting other kids I would have packed his bag and dropped him off quicker than you can say "It's my birthday and isn't it enough that I have to look after your little brother?"

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So what should have been a relaxing trip to enjoy my favourite cuisine turned into a fairly stressful lunch which included a soy sauce spill on my freshly opened present and a whinging kid who eventually passed out on my lap.

Thankfully, the food at Zushi delivered on my Japanese cravings.

Zushi, Barangaroo

Zushi, Barangaroo: Tuna tataki - seared tuna, tamari ponzu, leek, shallots

Zushi, Barangaroo: Pork gyoza - pan-fried pork dumplings, japanese vinegar

I loved the freshness of the sashimi tacos, and the novelty of the sweet iciness on crunchy wonton wrappers.

Zushi, Barangaroo: Sashimi tacos - salmon, tuna, avo, yuzu granita, flying fish roe, 20 sesame oil + tamari, wonton crackers

The ocean roll was one of the best I've had, and probably my favourite part of the meal.

Zushi, Barangaroo: Ocean roll - salmon, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe, 18 seared salmon belly, sweet soy + honey mayo

Of course Wolfie was also refusing to eat (always a surefire sign he really is sick) so chicken and corn ordered specially for him had to be completely enjoyed by us. Shame.

Zushi, Barangaroo: Popcorn chicken - deep-fried chicken, lime, honey mayo

On another note, why is fried chicken so damn good? Japanese, Korean, Kentucky...ALL the fried chickens.

Zushi, Barangaroo: Teriyaki corn cobs - char-grilled sweet corn, sweet soy, furikake

Zushi, Barangaroo: Nasu dengaku - eggplant, caramelised miso, lotus root

I can only imagine how much I would have enjoyed lunch without sick kid in tow. Next time.

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