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Birthday boom

Wolfie, the CG and I all have our birthdays within two weeks of each other. It's a crazy fortnight of celebration, too much cake, and this year had Easter thrown in around the same time just to make sure we really overdosed on sugar.

Since the CG had his birthday celebration sans kids, for some insane reason we decided to throw a joint birthday bash for myself and Wolfie...which really just meant I had to do a boatload of organising for my own celebration.

But you know what, it was worth it. Despite being previously reticent to own a house with a big garden (seriously guys, maintenance) I am now a complete convert. Not only do we enjoy it every day there's good weather, we get to have friends and family around and the place never feels crowded.

Wolfie was so spoilt with presents we stretched out opening them over ten days.

The CG not only executed my cake vision in decorating Wolfie's racetrack, he also baked me an amazing Jamie Oliver hummingbird cake.

There were tears (Wolfie's, when he got told not to play with the cars on his cake), an impromptu Easter egg hunt, and lots of bubbles.

An almost perfect afternoon with friends and family. Next year we'll aim for no tears.