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Goodbye Mama

My Mama, my grandma on my father's side, passed away two days ago. She was 91. 

I'm happy that we celebrated her 90th with her and that she met Wolfie. I'm sad that Wilder will never get to meet her. But I'm very happy that she is finally resting in peace and not trapped in a body that had failed her over the last year.

When it happened, I said "but how amazing, to be surrounded by your five children in your final minutes, and to be survived by seven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren!" Only one of whom she hadn't met. 

And that is just it. Now I'm a parent, I feel that the measure and worth of my life is determined by my kids and by their kids, should I be lucky enough to even meet any grandkids. No one will remember me for the places I travelled, the food I ate, the parties I threw, the things I saw, the job I did - that was all just for me. 

My kids will remember me for the parent I was to them, and that is good enough for me.