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Corporate fighter (and a child free 24 hours)

One night last year, after a night out drinking, the CG came home and announced that he was going to do Corporate Fighter - aka the stupidest thing he's ever done (and for the record, he's done a lot of stupid things). 

Photo credit: Corporate Fighter https://www.facebook.com/corporatefighter

Let's be clear here: the CG is no fighter. And I certainly didn't marry him for money, so the thought of him voluntarily entering a boxing ring to get punched in the face firstly made me laugh, but then made me really, really angry. I was pregnant (not a good time for making announcements that don't involve bringing home doughnuts generally) and all I could think about was potential dental bills, broken bones preventing assistance with baby holding and nappy changes, and even permanent damage from one unlucky hit or fall. To sum up, I was completely unsupportive of such a venture.

Photo credit: Corporate Fighter https://www.facebook.com/corporatefighter

Against my better judgement, the CG was definitely not up for losing face as he had not only agreed to fight while drunk, he had then committed to fighting to numerous work colleagues and contacts on the proviso that they would support him and buy seats to watch him get his face punched. Cue wildly angry pregnant woman threatening to punch him in the face right then and there and save him the trouble of raising the money for Corporate Fighter.

Photo credit: Corporate Fighter https://www.facebook.com/corporatefighter

As it turns out, there are quite a lot of nutters out there willing to fight in front of a ballroom full of white collar corporate schmucks shelling out hundreds of dollars for their seats, so the CG and his "mate" only managed to secure a spot in the March event. Having been somewhat appeased that Wilder would not be a newborn and training would ensue only once the manic festive season of visitors had finished, I decided that if I was going to get all dolled up to see the CG fight, we may as well make the most of it.

With the CG's birthday the same week, we ditched the kids with the grandparents and headed into town to stay overnight at the QT for fight night. The QT is perfect for a night away from the kids. It's plush, luxurious, and smack bang on top of great shopping and food.

Plus - expresso martinis! Just the little pick me up you need before a night out.

Fight night turned out to be brilliant fun. Our friends were out in force to support the CG, it was a great excuse to get glammed up, and there was a photobooth which is pretty much my favourite thing ever on a night out.

Oh, and the CG actually won his fight!

Photo credit: Corporate Fighter https://www.facebook.com/corporatefighter

Who knew watching your hubby try and hit someone could be so much fun?