JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Skygarden, London

A lot has changed in London since we left. Buildings have gone up, restaurants have changed menus, and friends have gone and bought grown up houses and had (more) kids.

But some things never change, and a shared love of food will always keep Miss B and Miss J and I together.

We headed up the "Walkie Talkie" building to the Skygarden, a new addition to the London skyline we hadn't managed to visit before we skipped town. Great views, and an interesting space, but to be honest I expected more garden. I think my suburban Australian lifestyle has finally brainwashed me.

Hot tip: if your kid is having a massive meltdown and being uncharacteristically dramatically cranky, you can assume it's just the terrible twos. Or you could give them the benefit of the doubt and check your watch and realise they're actually really bloody hangry since you haven't fed them lunch. Thankfully Miss J actually cares about her kid enough to plan to feed him as required, which saved us from a whole afternoon of terrible tantrums.

We headed to Burger & Lobster, an old favourite of ours, which has evolved a little from its old 3 option menu. We couldn't deviate too far from the originals though.

Burger & Lobster: Grilled lobster with lemon & garlic butter

Burger & Lobster: Singapore Chilli Lobster Roll - prawn & lobster with homemade chilli sauce

What a tough life, flying around the world and eating lobster as a toddler. It must be hard to be Wolfie.