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Kensington St Social, Chippendale

Friends without kids. Ugh. How I hate you guys. With your constant reminders of what life used to be like when I could eat leisurely and hold a conversation that lasted more a minute with other adults. You and your jet setting lifestyles, your sleep ins, and your clothes that haven't been spewed on, sneezed on, coughed on, or pulled and stretched to their limits with sticky hands.

Kensington Street Social, Chippendale

Sometimes I forget that this isn't our life any more, and I arrange to catch up with you at a place like Kensington St Social which takes twenty minutes to actually locate a highchair but has food and drink worth lingering over. Like frose. I didn't even know that was a thing, which means I've basically wasted so many good drinking years.

Kensington Street Social: Frose

I love how much Sydney's food scene has evolved while I was living overseas. There are so many old areas made new with great eateries and places to socialise. Chippendale, Alexandria, Newtown...all my old homes. Probably a good thing they weren't so hip and happening, or I'd be even poorer than I am now. If that's possible, considering we have a Sydney mortgage.

Kensington Street Social: 'Prawn Toast' cerviche, fennel, smoked oyster emulsion, trout caviar

Kensington Street Social: Social 'dog', pork and fennel sausage, green apple, black pudding, cheddar, mustard

Meanwhile, I am totally winning at this mummy thing.
Me: "Do you like doughnuts or cupcakes better?"
Wolfie: "Doughnuts."
Me: "Doughnuts or Easter eggs?"
Wolfie: "Eggs."
Me: "Eggs or broccoli?"
Wolfie: "Broccoli!"

Kensington Street Social: Tongue 'n' cheek croquettes, piccalilli

Kensington Street Social: Sprouting broccolini, egg yolk jam, smoked bread crumb, katsuobushi

So just for the record, in case you're ever going to bring Wolfie something to eat: broccoli > Easter eggs > doughnuts > cupcakes. To be honest, if broccoli always tasted as good as the broccolini from KSS, I could get onboard with that equation too.

Kensington Street Social: Roast mushroom, taleggio, salmoriglio, marjoram, parmesan sourdough flatbread

Kensington Street Social: Spiced lamb merguez, eggplant, baby zucchini, preserved lemon, yoghurt dressing sourdough flatbread

Kensington Street Social: Breakfast rice, slow cooked hen's egg, shiitake mushroom, pork belly, bacon dashi

On the upside, having friends with no kids means we often have multiple hands to manage our monsters darling babies.

We love you really, promise.

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