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Family week, Essex

It turns out that one week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Essex to be treated like royalty. When you have 5 siblings, 2 sets of parents and friends to catch up with, no one gets sick of you and no one gets mad at you thinking you haven't spent enough time with them.

We were spoilt rotten with multiple family gatherings, home cooked three course meals, meals out, and early birthday celebrations.

Look at this cake. LOOK AT IT. Homemade by the very talented Mrs B to celebrate our upcoming trifecta of birthdays, with decoration inspiration provided by my beautiful eldest sister in law. It was almost too good to eat. Except it was even better to eat than it looked.

Wolfie loved seeing family again who had so recently visited, and had a blast playing with his cousins.

After hell week in London with Wilder's jetlag, he suddenly started sleeping through the night with no feeds. Thank feck.

We'll try and pretend the hell week we had with his jetlag upon our return to Oz never happened, because how can you stay mad at that cute little face for waking you up over and over and over again?

All photos credit to my brother and sister in laws - it pays to have a snap happy family!