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Kensington St Social, Chippendale

Friends without kids. Ugh. How I hate you guys. With your constant reminders of what life used to be like when I could eat leisurely and hold a conversation that lasted more a minute with other adults. You and your jet setting lifestyles, your sleep ins, and your clothes that haven't been spewed on, sneezed on, coughed on, or pulled and stretched to their limits with sticky hands.

Kensington Street Social, Chippendale

Family week, Essex

It turns out that one week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Essex to be treated like royalty. When you have 5 siblings, 2 sets of parents and friends to catch up with, no one gets sick of you and no one gets mad at you thinking you haven't spent enough time with them.

5 things (not) to do at a wedding

Things not to do when you attend a wedding:

1. Only give yourself 2 hours to complete a 1 hour trip. Apparently that is a ludicrously small buffer when you're dealing with traffic getting out of London. Ten minutes into our trip, we were in gridlock, and I was sweating balls.

Skygarden, London

A lot has changed in London since we left. Buildings have gone up, restaurants have changed menus, and friends have gone and bought grown up houses and had (more) kids.