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Wolfie goes home to London

After not seeing our UK family for two years, it seemed to make perfect sense not to spread the visitations out, but to head over to the UK almost as soon as they had finished their Oz tour.

Wolfie couldn't have been more excited to go visit his birth city, and he couldn't have been a better traveller - sleeping on the plane when we told him to, never complaining, and zero jetlag. Wilder was great at travelling, but oh boy, did jetlag mess with his baby system. Our awesome sleeper gave us hell week in London, which meant we were total zombies come 10pm every night.

I thought our visit in London would leave me homesick for our old life, but I was surprised to find how happy I was to now live in Oz. The reality of having two kids, with most of our remaining friends dispersed further afield, made me realise how different things would be if we still lived there. Most of the things I missed, I wouldn't have been doing, and just thinking of not having my parents support stresses me out.

Despite the March chill, we loved showing Wolfie the sights and taking him on the buses and tubes. He was so happy soaking it all up, it felt like he really was at home, and staying with Miss B and her two boys meant a week long sleepover of fun. Plus we got to bundle Wilder up like a starfish which was pretty damn adorable.

I will be shocked if Wolfie doesn't head to London to live as soon as he's old enough. There are worse places I could retire to keep my controlling mama eyes on him.