JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Ocean Beach, Umina

When do we learn fear of being separated from our parents? I can tell you that Wolfie has definitely not developed it yet. The little chicken gets scared going too high on a swing sometimes, but worry about whether his mummy and daddy have abandoned him at a park? Nope. Give that kid a slide and he forgets he even has parents. 

We tried to teach him a lesson while we were on holiday, hiding and waiting for the panic of being left alone in a gigantic park to take hold. It never did, and then he eventually found us, so don't even bother taking any parenting advice from me. 

Look at that cheeky face.

You know I'm a traveller at heart: 58 countries to date, and years of my life spent on the road. Whether it's Russia, Sicily, or New York - I love being abroad and soaking up new countries and cultures. 

But I'm not so much of a travel snob to say that heading an hour up the coast to stay in a mega caravan park for the Australia Day long weekend with young kids is actually almost as exciting as heading overseas these days. Probably more, since it costs far less (like seriously, having to pay for Wolfie to have his own seat these days is really depressing on the wallet), there's zero jetlag, and what more do you really need to keep kids happy than swimming pools, beach, and giant jumping pillows?!

Seriously, go here. Their cafe also does amazing hot chips, in case that helps sway you.

So much sunshine. So much scootering. 

So much cute baby floating around in swimming pool. With no complaints about chilly water temps. Wilder is definitely going to be the more relaxed one in our family. He's such a good kid. If good means not complaining while being neglected on the play mat while his older brother gets all the attention.

Any family holiday = happy days.