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Wolfie goes home to London

After not seeing our UK family for two years, it seemed to make perfect sense not to spread the visitations out, but to head over to the UK almost as soon as they had finished their Oz tour.

Ocean Beach, Umina

When do we learn fear of being separated from our parents? I can tell you that Wolfie has definitely not developed it yet. The little chicken gets scared going too high on a swing sometimes, but worry about whether his mummy and daddy have abandoned him at a park? Nope. Give that kid a slide and he forgets he even has parents. 

Bennelong, Sydney Opera House

Before we had barely enough time to bid farewell to the family en masse, our next visitors landed on our doorstep: my father in law and his girlfriend. He asked us to book a "fancy" restaurant for dinner one night, so we opted for Bennelong at the Opera House.