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Sokyo at the Star, Pyrmont

Sokyo: Maguro Tataki - seared tuna, carbonized leek aioli, pickled mushrooms, asparagus, smoked ponzu

Dinners with the girls are something I used to take for granted. Just like eating with both hands and dinner conversation which didn't consist entirely of me answering the question "mummy, what are we doing tomorrow?" over and over and over and overrrrr again. Don't get me wrong, dinner as a family is one (of the many, according to the CG) things I won't budge on - it's something I remember doing growing up, and it's the one point in the day when the whole family sits and shares together which I love. But I'm not gonna lie, damn those dinners with just the girls are nice these days.

Sokyo at the Star, Pyrmont

With Petite Folle in town, we headed out to Sokyo at the Star for scintillating conversation, lots of wine and fine food. And because a Japanese restaurant is exactly where you'd take a pregnant woman who can't consume alcohol or raw seafood (sorry Ev!)

Sokyo at the Star, Pyrmont

In a nutshell: very pricey but very good food, surprisingly hotel-ish decor and excellent service.

Sokyo: Octopus Salad - confit potato, scorched cucumber, almond gel, smoked bbq sauce

Both the kingfish ceviche and tuna tataki were fresh and melt in the mouth. The tataki was probably one of the prettiest dishes I've seen.

Sokyo: Kingfish Miso Ceviche - green chilli, crispy potato, miso ceviche

Sokyo: Maguro Tataki - seared tuna, carbonized leek aioli, pickled mushrooms, asparagus, smoked ponzu

Red snapper tempura was the pick of the (all delicious and perfectly battered) tempuras we tried.

Sokyo: Red Snapper Tempura - coriander salad, black pepper chilli vinegar

Sokyo: Baby Capsicum Popper Tempura - spanner crab, persian feta, spicy tun tartar, yuzu soy

Sokyo: Mushroom Tempura - enoki and oyster mushroom, garlic ponzu

Miso cod seems to always appear as a chefs recommendation or restaurant specialty in higher end Japanese restaurants, and I was a bit lukewarm about ordering it here. But I'm so glad we did - it was probably my favourite dish, with the zesty freshness of the pickled cucumber a perfect accompaniment.

Sokyo: Dengakuman - miso glazed glacier, japanese salsa pickled cucumber

Sokyo: Queensland Sushi Roll - spanner crab, spicy aioli, avocado, soy paper

I've got to be honest and say the robata was pretty average. It was cooked well, it was just not that interesting or flavourful compared to the other dishes we enjoyed.

Sokyo: Pork Belly and Beef Wagyu Tri-tip Robata

The dessert sampler looked pretty disjointed and a little 70s inspired, so we were pleasantly surprised and impressed with the taste of it all - particularly the mochi wrappers encasing strawberry ice cream.

Sokyo: Chef's Dessert Sampler - Mochi Ice Cream, Goma Street, Yamazaki Caramel Macchiato, Strawberry Calpis

You know you're good friends when you not only don't mind waiting for photos of food to be taken, but more than one of you is actually taking them...

Overall, a fab meal over which we could share our latest triumphs, anguish, laughs and tears. Truth is, you really know you're good friends when you can be absolutely, brutally honest with each other. When you can listen to each others woes, look each other in the eye and give each other a reality check. Sometimes it can be so honest it hurts, or makes you question yourself - but that's what real friends do. They want the best for you, so trust them when they ask you to be honest with yourself.

Luckily for me, I have some really good friends.

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