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A family kind of festive season

When family is in town, it means lots of adventuring. Which usually suits me fine, since I start to get nervous if my calendar isn't booked out at least a month in advance (it's a weakness I'm working on with the CG's encouragement to enjoy just "being" with the family at home - read: stop booking his schedule out).

But here's what I've learnt about adventuring with a newborn:

1. Public transport is a way better option than driving. Especially when Wilder HATES the car. Like scream from start to finish with no way to console that we've discovered yet. Accompanied once in a while by an almighty poonami, probably brought on by the extreme screaming. Public transport however, is a dream. No headache from the screams reverberating around a small space! Air conditioning in 40C heat! The ability to breastfeed while on the go, thereby saving precious time! Need I say more?

Not the car...please, not that torture chamber again

2. Going to the beach pretty much sucks. It's hot, it's sandy, your poor baby isn't even supposed to be slathered in sun screen - in fact, it can't even sit up so you have to hold him propped up against your sweaty body preventing you from getting an even tan and also ensuring both of you overheat. Sometimes that sea breeze that you usually look forward to actually feels more like just plain old wind which makes the sandiness all the more unbearable as it whips into your baby's face, stinging his eyes and newborn skin. Good times. 

"Relaxing" at the beach

3. Going to Wet'n'Wild also sucks. All you want to do is go on all the water slides, but you have to sit in the shade feeding and holding baby up. Although at least it's not sandy and the wind doesn't whip your baby blind, so that's a plus.

4. There is just enough time between feeds to get to the seal show, grab lunch, and see the bird show at Taronga Zoo. Sure, you'll see absolutely nothing else, but on the upside they do have a decent parents room.

5. Luna Park has good hot mini donuts and frozen coke to consume while you sit and, again, feed, while everyone else goes on the rides. Plus the harbour walkway outside the park is a pretty picturesque place to zip the buggy up and down in the vain hope that baby will fall asleep and allow you enough time to at least hit up the mousetrap.

6. Going to New Years fireworks at 9pm instead of midnight feels like a total win. Less crowds, better views, and back in the comfort of home in time to pop champagne and eat copious amounts of cheese while the kids are in bed and you welcome in the new year.

The upside of adventuring with family? Wolfie was in heaven exploring a different place every day with his clan at his beck and call. Plus it was rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves (and being totally wiped at the end of a full day). And really, who's life isn't made a little more interesting with a five car convoy on Sydney roads?