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A family kind of Christmas

Can we all just agree now that I must actually be Wonder Woman? I mean, not to blow my own trumpet or anything (ok, ok, to blow my own trumpet a lot) but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I managed to juggle up to nine additional house guests for weeks, cater Christmas for twenty two while the CG was on his deathbed (more on that later), and organise groups of up to seventeen people on day trips, all while juggling Wolfie and Wilder (6 weeks old and breastfed, might I add). I seriously amaze myself sometimes (ok, putting away my trumpet now).

Most of clan CG managed to align their first ever trips to Oz over Christmas for the family holiday of a lifetime which was full of good laughs, mixed with a healthy dose of family drama.

Not going to lie, it was damn hard work, and a LOT of washing. But seeing Wolfie get up every morning to play with his grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles, made it totally worth it. His usual cautious, mute like shyness he gets on meeting new people never even made an appearance - it's like he knew they were his people, and that was that. 

It was also the first Christmas that he had other kids around him, and he loved every minute of being spoilt. As for me, it was only the second Christmas I'd hosted, and with twenty two to feed, it was no mean feat.

I am so thankful for my parents who helped me shop, prep, cook, and clean. Particularly in the absence of a fully functioning CG who came down with a severe case of food poisoning in the days before, culminating in colitis and Christmas Eve in hospital.

Side story: in immense pain (despite having been to the doc twice in days prior) at 3am on Christmas Eve, I send the CG off with his brother to hospital emergency. All thirteen members of his family have arrived by this stage, and I feel so upset that (a) I'm not with him as we don't want Wilder at the hospital, (b) he's been missing all the fun everyone has been having, and (c) that he might potentially miss Christmas altogether, that I start crying as I'm herding everyone out the door so they can try enjoy a day at the beach rather than hanging around the house waiting for news on the CG, and so I can get organised for the next day. Wolfie, who is so excited to go to the beach with his cousins, says to me "I'll stay home and look after you, mummy." Crying even harder now, I ask him doesn't he want to go to the beach? To which he responds "I don't NEED to." 

Oh man. I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have a kid - a toddler actually - that has so much emotional intelligence that he is willing to forego doing something fun to support me. And who knows the difference between want and need! Of course I sobbed even harder, grabbed him to me with grateful cuddles, and told him he could go and I would be ok (at which point he dashed off to get his bucket and spade - didn't take much convincing, did he?!!)

Back to Christmas day: the CG is thankfully present having been discharged with painkillers to ride it out over the next few days, and we all wake up in our room that the four of us are sharing while we have houseguests so that Wolfie can open the presents up in up his first ever stocking.

It was a great day, full of feasting from breakfast in the morning through to dessert at 5pm.

Full of so many, many presents.

And a lot of fun in the sun.

I'm so glad we could share Wilder's first Christmas with both our Aussie and UK families. Even if he won't remember the day, and we made him dress up as a mini Santa with no neck.

That's what you get when you can't hold your head up on your own.