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Sokyo at the Star, Pyrmont

Sokyo: Maguro Tataki - seared tuna, carbonized leek aioli, pickled mushrooms, asparagus, smoked ponzu

Dinners with the girls are something I used to take for granted. Just like eating with both hands and dinner conversation which didn't consist entirely of me answering the question "mummy, what are we doing tomorrow?" over and over and over and overrrrr again. Don't get me wrong, dinner as a family is one (of the many, according to the CG) things I won't budge on - it's something I remember doing growing up, and it's the one point in the day when the whole family sits and shares together which I love. But I'm not gonna lie, damn those dinners with just the girls are nice these days.

A family kind of festive season

When family is in town, it means lots of adventuring. Which usually suits me fine, since I start to get nervous if my calendar isn't booked out at least a month in advance (it's a weakness I'm working on with the CG's encouragement to enjoy just "being" with the family at home - read: stop booking his schedule out).

But here's what I've learnt about adventuring with a newborn:

A family kind of Christmas

Can we all just agree now that I must actually be Wonder Woman? I mean, not to blow my own trumpet or anything (ok, ok, to blow my own trumpet a lot) but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I managed to juggle up to nine additional house guests for weeks, cater Christmas for twenty two while the CG was on his deathbed (more on that later), and organise groups of up to seventeen people on day trips, all while juggling Wolfie and Wilder (6 weeks old and breastfed, might I add). I seriously amaze myself sometimes (ok, putting away my trumpet now).

Guilty as charged

There are about a million things that make you feel guilty when you're a mum. Like spending all your maternity leave pay on swanning around catching up with people and eating out.