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Backpackers, a decade on

Ten years ago, a slightly more innocent Miss K and I made the decision to continue on our backpacking adventures instead of heading home as planned. After traipsing through South East Asia, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Cuba, New York and a mad party week of no sleep in Vegas, we boarded a hellish flight to Costa Rica for Christmas. The flight wasn't bad, I should clarify, travelling on half an hour sleep was. 

Winter down South

I thought we were pretty much done with weddings, but this year we've been to three.

Copacabana, NSW (and the end of maternity leave)

Holy sheet, going back to work after nine months on maternity leave is hard.

Easter on fast forward

One day, in the not too distant future, I hope that when I blog it won't be 3 months after it happened. But since I have less than two weeks left of maternity leave, and a shedload of personal admin to do, here's the short version of Easter.

It was super hot. The kids wouldn't look at the camera.

Zushi, Barangaroo

I love my birthday. As in, I REALLY freaking love my birthday. So it's somewhat annoying that Wolfie arrived two weeks early, interrupting my birthday weekend of celebrations in the first place, and that I will now forever spend my birthday weekend preparing for his birthday celebrations.

Birthday boom

Wolfie, the CG and I all have our birthdays within two weeks of each other. It's a crazy fortnight of celebration, too much cake, and this year had Easter thrown in around the same time just to make sure we really overdosed on sugar.

Goodbye Mama

My Mama, my grandma on my father's side, passed away two days ago. She was 91. 

Corporate fighter (and a child free 24 hours)

One night last year, after a night out drinking, the CG came home and announced that he was going to do Corporate Fighter - aka the stupidest thing he's ever done (and for the record, he's done a lot of stupid things). 

Photo credit: Corporate Fighter https://www.facebook.com/corporatefighter

Kensington St Social, Chippendale

Friends without kids. Ugh. How I hate you guys. With your constant reminders of what life used to be like when I could eat leisurely and hold a conversation that lasted more a minute with other adults. You and your jet setting lifestyles, your sleep ins, and your clothes that haven't been spewed on, sneezed on, coughed on, or pulled and stretched to their limits with sticky hands.

Kensington Street Social, Chippendale

Family week, Essex

It turns out that one week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Essex to be treated like royalty. When you have 5 siblings, 2 sets of parents and friends to catch up with, no one gets sick of you and no one gets mad at you thinking you haven't spent enough time with them.

5 things (not) to do at a wedding

Things not to do when you attend a wedding:

1. Only give yourself 2 hours to complete a 1 hour trip. Apparently that is a ludicrously small buffer when you're dealing with traffic getting out of London. Ten minutes into our trip, we were in gridlock, and I was sweating balls.

Skygarden, London

A lot has changed in London since we left. Buildings have gone up, restaurants have changed menus, and friends have gone and bought grown up houses and had (more) kids.

Wolfie goes home to London

After not seeing our UK family for two years, it seemed to make perfect sense not to spread the visitations out, but to head over to the UK almost as soon as they had finished their Oz tour.

Ocean Beach, Umina

When do we learn fear of being separated from our parents? I can tell you that Wolfie has definitely not developed it yet. The little chicken gets scared going too high on a swing sometimes, but worry about whether his mummy and daddy have abandoned him at a park? Nope. Give that kid a slide and he forgets he even has parents. 

Bennelong, Sydney Opera House

Before we had barely enough time to bid farewell to the family en masse, our next visitors landed on our doorstep: my father in law and his girlfriend. He asked us to book a "fancy" restaurant for dinner one night, so we opted for Bennelong at the Opera House.

The Greens, North Sydney

The Greens, North Sydney

I used to have dreams of travelling to this place or that, of learning Italian, or writing a book. Now one of my top five dreams, along with sleeping in until 8am, is for a place like The Greens or The Grounds to open within a 15 minute drive of where we live. I mean, a 15 minute walk would be even better, but I don't want my dreams to be pure fantasy.

Sokyo at the Star, Pyrmont

Sokyo: Maguro Tataki - seared tuna, carbonized leek aioli, pickled mushrooms, asparagus, smoked ponzu

Dinners with the girls are something I used to take for granted. Just like eating with both hands and dinner conversation which didn't consist entirely of me answering the question "mummy, what are we doing tomorrow?" over and over and over and overrrrr again. Don't get me wrong, dinner as a family is one (of the many, according to the CG) things I won't budge on - it's something I remember doing growing up, and it's the one point in the day when the whole family sits and shares together which I love. But I'm not gonna lie, damn those dinners with just the girls are nice these days.

A family kind of festive season

When family is in town, it means lots of adventuring. Which usually suits me fine, since I start to get nervous if my calendar isn't booked out at least a month in advance (it's a weakness I'm working on with the CG's encouragement to enjoy just "being" with the family at home - read: stop booking his schedule out).

But here's what I've learnt about adventuring with a newborn:

A family kind of Christmas

Can we all just agree now that I must actually be Wonder Woman? I mean, not to blow my own trumpet or anything (ok, ok, to blow my own trumpet a lot) but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I managed to juggle up to nine additional house guests for weeks, cater Christmas for twenty two while the CG was on his deathbed (more on that later), and organise groups of up to seventeen people on day trips, all while juggling Wolfie and Wilder (6 weeks old and breastfed, might I add). I seriously amaze myself sometimes (ok, putting away my trumpet now).

Guilty as charged

There are about a million things that make you feel guilty when you're a mum. Like spending all your maternity leave pay on swanning around catching up with people and eating out.

Oh baby, baby, it's a wild world

It's not until your second mini me arrives that you realise just how big your first mini me has become.