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Motherhood, take 2

Whoever said having two kids is more than twice as hard as having one was not wrong. GEEZ. I'm not gonna lie, this mother of two thing is really damn tough. And that's with a toddler who is actually really helpful and loving towards his new little brother, and a newborn that actually sleeps and eats well. I can't even begin to imagine what life must be like for parents to kids who are way too busy living to sleep, or who have the stress of a kid who isn't stacking on the kilos so importantly monitored when first born.

Thankfully despite the occasional meltdowns (mine, not the kids) over the buggy not working properly (user error as it turns out), maternity leave the second time round has been pretty good thus far with good meals, lots of sunshine, and a LOT of Christmas shopping. And cheese. A shedload of cheese.

Before bubba two appeared to join Wolfie, I managed to squeeze in a "last" relaxing weekend away with friends,