JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll


Being an adult is bloody hard work sometimes. Not that it's not worth it, when Wolfie is running around the backyard screaming with laughter, and it makes this mortgage malarkey seem like the right decision. But geez...all the admin. So. Much. Personal. Admin.

And the best way to avoid admin is to, well, ignore it. Which means not switching the laptop on unless there is absolutely no way to get around it. Which basically means no downloading photos and no blogging either. Which is pretty much how it came to be July before I realised that I was doing an extremely freaking bad job of recording anything for prosperity. 

But here I am!

So what's been happening? We had birthdays galore, including a big surprise one for mum which involved relatives coming up from Melbourne for a great weekend of feasting (and yes, I'll be happy to look as good as mum does when I'm her age!)