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Cho Cho San, Potts Point

Dinner out on a Tuesday night sans kid is one of the luxuries living near my folks affords us. And dinner at Cho Cho San is definitely the way to spend a luxurious Tuesday night out.

Damn this place is good. The food, the vibe, the service, the wine...full credit to Miss S for the booking, I'll be leaving all future double date night selections to her.

These unassuming little sticks of miso eggplant were the perfect start to whet our appetites. It's lucky I have an aversion to grease so refuse to deep fry anything in my kitchen, or else my deep love for good fried food would be a real issue.

Cho Cho San - Miso Eggplant on a Stick

And you know how I feel about all things dumpling related. These gyoza were so good I was almost compelled to declare them the best EVER. That's a big call.

Cho Cho San - Steamed Pork and Chilli Gyoza

Of course the raw fish rocked. It wouldn't be Japanese if the sashimi wasn't top notch.

Cho Cho San - Tuna, Avocado, Pickled Eggplant
Cho Cho San - Petuna Ocean Trout, Black Pepper, Wasabi

But we gotta pause on these fish collars. Yep, teriyaki fish collars. I didn't even know that fish had collars. Or that they could taste so good. Smokey, charred, salty. It's pretty clever really. Use a (presumably) super cheap and boney bit of the fish that probably usually gets thrown away or into stock once the filleting has been done, and make a signature dish out of them. I wish I was that clever.

Cho Cho San - Teriyaki Fish Collars
Cho Cho San - Teriyaki Fish Collars

Did I mention my love of fried food? Hellooooo chicken karaage.

Cho Cho San - Chicken Karaage

Actually, apart from my grease phobia, my real saving grace is loving veggies as much as I love fried chicken. Thank gawd for balance. And these red miso green beans.

Cho Cho San - Green Beans, Red Miso

The one dish that was a little bit "interesting" was Japanese Bolognese - but what do you expect if you order something called Japanese Bolognese? Super tasty udon, in a spicy cream sauce. Enjoyable, but weird. In a good weird way.

Cho Cho San - Japanese Bolognese

Despite being on a semi no sugar kick, I succumbed to a bite of each dessert. 'Cos I'm also a sucker for pavlova. So just to recap, that would be a love of fried food, dumplings, vegetables and pavlova. I should probably just say food. I really, really, love food.

Cho Cho San - Green Tea Soft Serve
Cho Cho San - Japanese Pavlova

Most delicious Tuesday double date night ever.

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