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Cho Cho San, Potts Point

Dinner out on a Tuesday night sans kid is one of the luxuries living near my folks affords us. And dinner at Cho Cho San is definitely the way to spend a luxurious Tuesday night out.

Damn this place is good. The food, the vibe, the service, the wine...full credit to Miss S for the booking, I'll be leaving all future double date night selections to her.

These unassuming little sticks of miso eggplant were the perfect start to whet our appetites. It's lucky I have an aversion to grease so refuse to deep fry anything in my kitchen, or else my deep love for good fried food would be a real issue.

Cho Cho San - Miso Eggplant on a Stick


It cracks me up when I see rants about the "good old days" when kids weren't brought up to be soft, self entitled, technology addicted brats (that seems to be the general gist of it anyway). Of course a big snipping match inevitably kicks off between parents of yesterday and parents of today, between some of the self entitled youth themselves and the old ranters about who's to blame, blah blah blah. Can't we all just agree that times have changed and sure, it's nice to think about the past with fondness, but the future is also bright?