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Summer in Jervis Bay

I love holidays. And I REALLY love holidays that someone else organises (thank you M & E!)

Especially when they involve a beach house moments from the sand, crystal clear water, chilled out towns with awesome potato scallops drenched in chicken salt, and lots and lots of bubbles.

Plus good company of course! It was so good to have Miss O join us on extended holidays from London, and Mr M literally migrate over the day before we left for Jervis Bay over new years. 

One of the things I miss about London is our crew...our friends were our family and we always had people to do things with or call at a moments notice. We always have people to see here, but it feels like Sydney is just more organised and you have to make plans so far in advance - but that could be to do with the whole kid factor more than anything.

On another note - when does a getaway become a holiday? I'm thinking it's gotta be around the 3 night mark. 

The CG went sandcastle mental, and Wolfie loved roaring like a destroyer and stomping all over his glorious creations. 

New Years Eve was celebrated perfectly with a seafood and BBQ feast, fireworks on the beach, babies to bed, and drinking games (how I wish I had footage of the spoons carnage to share).

The whole week was pure bliss. If only we could do it again every month.