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Handmade in Melbourne


Yeah, I know it's February already. But I couldn't really not mention a pretty cool festive season full of food, family and friends.

Plus Melbourne! Because how good is Christmas when you don't have to lift a finger, and someone else makes you double choc pav and peels all the prawns for you?! So good.

Make that two Christmas meals. And a round of Bad Santa. SO good.

Wolfie was in heaven, surrounded by most of his biggest fans / servants and being able to run wild bossing poor doggy to get "up!" followed swiftly with "bed!"

I never really fully appreciated the whole gift giving thing to the extent that the CG's family does - but this year I started to understand a little more. It was pretty cool seeing how excited and genuinely grateful Wolfie got with every present he received. All clothes and shoes he attempted to put on straight away, all toys were examined and played with. And he got to open them over four different days - not bad eh?

The kid got so much stuff we didn't even end up buying him anything except bubbles and beach toys. Probably our last cheap Christmas as far as he's concerned, so I'll bank it while I can.

So I kind of knew this anyway, but I don't think I fully appreciated just how talented my cousin is - I was so impressed with her handmade cards, I ordered one for every 2016 event I could think of! Check out Handmade if you're after something personalised - you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, on to Christmas this year, which will be just a little more work for me. Apparently we're going to be receiving the CG's family en masse! Hopefully we can win them around to the idea of a hot Christmas with prawns...