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90 years and 4 generations

People always tell you that you'll never have time to yourself when you become a parent, but truth be told now we have Wolfie, I actually have a lot more time. 

Pre-Wolfie, I was rarely home before 10pm (aaah, the life of a DINK in London). Post-Wolfie, I'm often on the couch by 8:30pm after the whirlwind of the dinner, bath time, bedtime routine - I'm just too exhausted to do anything useful in my me time. 

Heaven knows how my grandma coped with 5 kids.

A couple of months ago we jetted over to Malaysia to celebrate my grandma's 90th and introduce her to Wolfie.

And despite Wolfie being so sick he didn't eat for three days on our arrival (now THAT was a time when I had no time to myself), we still managed to get some serious shopping and eating under our (ever expanding) belts.

I loved looking over and seeing her staring at Wolfie as he pottered about the place with a huge smile on her face. Great grandkid #7, and still so much joy.

Surrounded by her 5 kids and their spouses, 5 out of 7 grandkids and their spouses, and 4 out of 8 great grandkids visiting from 4 different countries, it was a pretty damn good show. Four generations of food lovers, all in one place.

Now if only great grandkid #1 would just irresponsibly throw his uni studies to the side and conceive a baby we might have a 5th generation in play for her 91st...