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Motherhood, take 2

Whoever said having two kids is more than twice as hard as having one was not wrong. GEEZ. I'm not gonna lie, this mother of two thing is really damn tough. And that's with a toddler who is actually really helpful and loving towards his new little brother, and a newborn that actually sleeps and eats well. I can't even begin to imagine what life must be like for parents to kids who are way too busy living to sleep, or who have the stress of a kid who isn't stacking on the kilos so importantly monitored when first born.

Thankfully despite the occasional meltdowns (mine, not the kids) over the buggy not working properly (user error as it turns out), maternity leave the second time round has been pretty good thus far with good meals, lots of sunshine, and a LOT of Christmas shopping. And cheese. A shedload of cheese.

Before bubba two appeared to join Wolfie, I managed to squeeze in a "last" relaxing weekend away with friends,


Being an adult is bloody hard work sometimes. Not that it's not worth it, when Wolfie is running around the backyard screaming with laughter, and it makes this mortgage malarkey seem like the right decision. But geez...all the admin. So. Much. Personal. Admin.

And the best way to avoid admin is to, well, ignore it. Which means not switching the laptop on unless there is absolutely no way to get around it. Which basically means no downloading photos and no blogging either. Which is pretty much how it came to be July before I realised that I was doing an extremely freaking bad job of recording anything for prosperity. 

But here I am!

So what's been happening? We had birthdays galore, including a big surprise one for mum which involved relatives coming up from Melbourne for a great weekend of feasting (and yes, I'll be happy to look as good as mum does when I'm her age!)

Cho Cho San, Potts Point

Dinner out on a Tuesday night sans kid is one of the luxuries living near my folks affords us. And dinner at Cho Cho San is definitely the way to spend a luxurious Tuesday night out.

Damn this place is good. The food, the vibe, the service, the wine...full credit to Miss S for the booking, I'll be leaving all future double date night selections to her.

These unassuming little sticks of miso eggplant were the perfect start to whet our appetites. It's lucky I have an aversion to grease so refuse to deep fry anything in my kitchen, or else my deep love for good fried food would be a real issue.

Cho Cho San - Miso Eggplant on a Stick


It cracks me up when I see rants about the "good old days" when kids weren't brought up to be soft, self entitled, technology addicted brats (that seems to be the general gist of it anyway). Of course a big snipping match inevitably kicks off between parents of yesterday and parents of today, between some of the self entitled youth themselves and the old ranters about who's to blame, blah blah blah. Can't we all just agree that times have changed and sure, it's nice to think about the past with fondness, but the future is also bright? 

Summer in Jervis Bay

I love holidays. And I REALLY love holidays that someone else organises (thank you M & E!)

Handmade in Melbourne


Yeah, I know it's February already. But I couldn't really not mention a pretty cool festive season full of food, family and friends.

Chinese New Year and a dose of nostalgia

Happy Chinese New Year! It's officially the year of the monkey, which really should mean fun and fooling around - which luckily I do plenty of every day with the Wolf. 

But for some reason today I was hit, out of the blue, with a healthy dose of homesickness...for London. I had a vision of a little bakery in St Pancras station and I was suddenly transported back there so vividly, I could feel the air and hear the sounds as if it was just that morning I had been walking by (briskly, of course). 

It's strange how you can be happy and thankful but still miss a different life. 

One of the upsides of being back in Oz though is being able to celebrate with the family - and see Wolfie enjoy the celebrations. Even if he does rudely rip open his red packets and pull the money out while telling mummy to buy more grapes.

Next year he might not be quite so quick to hand his fortunes over.

90 years and 4 generations

People always tell you that you'll never have time to yourself when you become a parent, but truth be told now we have Wolfie, I actually have a lot more time. 

Pre-Wolfie, I was rarely home before 10pm (aaah, the life of a DINK in London). Post-Wolfie, I'm often on the couch by 8:30pm after the whirlwind of the dinner, bath time, bedtime routine - I'm just too exhausted to do anything useful in my me time. 

Heaven knows how my grandma coped with 5 kids.

A couple of months ago we jetted over to Malaysia to celebrate my grandma's 90th and introduce her to Wolfie.

And despite Wolfie being so sick he didn't eat for three days on our arrival (now THAT was a time when I had no time to myself), we still managed to get some serious shopping and eating under our (ever expanding) belts.

I loved looking over and seeing her staring at Wolfie as he pottered about the place with a huge smile on her face. Great grandkid #7, and still so much joy.

Surrounded by her 5 kids and their spouses, 5 out of 7 grandkids and their spouses, and 4 out of 8 great grandkids visiting from 4 different countries, it was a pretty damn good show. Four generations of food lovers, all in one place.

Now if only great grandkid #1 would just irresponsibly throw his uni studies to the side and conceive a baby we might have a 5th generation in play for her 91st...