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The Devonshire, Surry Hills (and why going out is a bad idea)

It's true what they say about having kids changing your life, but I gotta tell you, it's not Wolfie that's holding me back from going out. It's feeling old as feck because well meaning young'uns keep saying stuff like:

"You're so cool. When I'm your age, I want to be still going out and having fun like you."

"You're how old? No way! No waaaaaaaaay!"

"Oh wow, I would never have picked you as that old. Hey, do you think my mate and I should go somewhere with a bit of a younger crowd?"

"Yeah I just had to get away from there, all my friends were having kids and not going out anymore."


And take me to an establishment where I can focus on the good stuff i.e. the food.

the devonshire: surry hills

The CG and I headed to The Devonshire for a little adult time, where we could count our grey hairs in peace.

the devonshire: lightly cured king salmon, alaskan crab, fresh & freeze dried mandarin, golden raisin, roquette

the devonshire: grass fed beef tartare and glazed short rib, jerusalem artichoke, puffed buckwheat, heirloom radish and parsley

The starters were the highlight - a riot of textures and flavours, my beef tartare and melt in the mouth short rib was way better than the flattery of having my ID checked, let me tell you.

It's kind of weird going out for dinner by ourselves these days - enjoyable because we can eat at a normal pace, and not worry about Wolfie trying to climb out of his chair and onto the table as soon as he's shovelled his last mouthful in, but strange because we still spend a good chunk of the night talking about him. Obsessed first time parents. That probably should have been a hashtag. If it wasn't so long.

the devonshire: seared cone bay barramundi, pearl barley, cauliflower and parmesan risotto, cavalo nero, red wine & anchovy dressing

the devonshire: slow cooked pork loin & sage brined belly, braised brussels sprouts, pumpkin, apple, crackle and cider jus

the devonshire: slow cooked pork loin & sage brined belly, braised brussels sprouts, pumpkin, apple, crackle and cider jus

On another note - when did it get trendy to just list the ingredients in the dish instead of describe the dish your diners can expect?

Our mains were also full of textures and flavours, but the real highlight was the service. Really attentive, without being overbearing, educational without being condescending.

the devonshire: rhubarb & apple compote, champagne jelly, vanilla cream, coconut biscuit crumble and coconut sorbet

Dessert was a bizarrely cereal-esque affair, I think by the third course I could have done with something a little less interesting - but that's obviously just another sign of me getting old.

I'm not that old. Honestly, it's just the unflattering lighting.

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