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Fiji dreaming

We bought a house!

Or, should I say, WE FINALLY BOUGHT A FREAKING HOUSE!! Never has getting into debt felt so good (although "good" is probably an overstatement, more like a feeling of relief that we don't have to continue the drudgery of viewing ten houses a week, 9.87 of which we couldn't afford). I should probably note that our house does not have a pool like the above.

I actually freaked out a bit when we picked up the keys. I haven't had a place bigger than a two bedroom apartment for the last 14 years so it was all a bit daunting, all that…space.

After freezing our butts off for a week without any furniture, we hightailed it to Fiji on the epitome of family holidays - 8 couples and 7 kids. Bit of a change from my backpacking adventures of old, but I loved it.

I loved seeing all the little faces every morning (and the kids were pretty cute too), drinking cocktails poolside, and being able to enjoy an adult three course meal knowing Wolfie was tucked up in bed with a smiling nanny keeping an eye and ear out for him.

I foresee a future of Fijian resorts with kids clubs...