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Chotto Matte, Soho (and a very big move)

Like a HUGE move, back across to the other side of the world. I had all these intentions of doing a final blog post, plus a wrap up of all my years in London, but when it got down to it I was still cleaning the fridge out and emptying the bathroom cabinets while our taxi to the airport was waiting outside. 

So here we are, in not quite as sunny as expected Australia, trying to sort out our lives while my parents unite against me, the enemy who makes their precious grandson follow a semblance of a routine. Despite the stresses, I'm thankfully reminded by the little things that we have made the right decision - my dad lying on the play mat talking to Wolfie, my mum making him laugh so hard his belly shakes, taking him to the beach for the first time, seeing my old friends wrap him up in their hugs and kisses. 

Anyway. My final London food post. I went to a bunch of great places before we left and ran out of time to blog about any of them. I'm sneaking Chotto Matte in because it's exactly the kind of place I love - buzzing Soho location, smashing cocktails, sharing plates of fresh, zesty food, and tonnes of Japanese flavours. 

Everything we tried was delicious, but special mentions go to the tuna sashimi tostaditas, miso black cod, and the brûlée de la passion. 

Plus there was FIRE. The drama of the flame and all that smokey flavoured goodness in your mouth…oh yeah. Not to mention the place itself - anime graffiti on the walls, pumping music, dark spaces, basically a nightclub serving damn good food.

Who would have thought peruvian and japanese could go so well together? 

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