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Hutong, The Shard

When people tell you that having a baby takes up all your time, they are not joking. An outing a day, we can manage. An outing plus responding to emails, or publishing a blog post? No chance. And yet every day just goes so fast, and Wolfie gets bigger, and I wish time would slow down and I could bottle my memories of every single moment with him.

Mum came to soak up her first grandchild (read: completely spoil) which handily coincided with her birthday. We headed to Hutong to celebrate with views over London.

How gorgeous is my mum?

When we were growing up, peking duck was my brother's favourite, and I was always a little bit envious of the excess portions he would always be offered first when we were lucky enough to have any. Hutong's offering is some of the best I've had, with a particularly good hoisin sauce, and the second course they serve the remainder of the duck up as is a delicious version of sang choy bow. 

The lotus root was satisfyingly crunchy and spicy, and the salted egg yolk prawns were delicious albeit presented fairly poorly.

We expected the crispy lamb ribs, marinated for 24 hours, to be the star of the show but unfortunately we were a little disappointed. The flavour was fairly one dimensional, despite their tantalising and impressive appearance. The duck definitely stole the show and is 100% worth visiting for.

We nursed our full bellies while watching a thunderstorm roll across London, its lightening actually striking the Shard as we digested our lunch. 

I've missed celebrating so many birthdays and special occasions with my family. It was a perfect venue to share only the second birthday I've been with my mum for in the last seven years.

Hutong on Urbanspoon Square Meal