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Ben's Canteen, Battersea

I'm watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations (um, hello - food AND travel? Just two of my favourite things EVER) and a cold chill sneaks up my spine. I look down at my freaking ginormous belly and think "I am never going travelling again."

Drama queen? Who, me?

In fairness, I'm talking backpacker style, roughing it travel. Travel that requires no plans, just landing and deciding to go where your fancy takes you. Maybe it's me being narrow minded, or not really knowing what to expect, but I'm guessing kids and travelling without a plan don't really mix. Hell, I don't know many of my friends with kids who can get out the door for the afternoon without planning what to pack, where they're going, and when they'll be back.

Luckily, brunch requires slightly less planning than a trip to Honduras.

I've been meaning to visit Ben's Canteen for ages, and our only disappointment when we finally got there last weekend was that they had run out of chorizo. Oh, the tragedy. 

Mr and Mrs H opted for a burger (if it's two past midday, burgers are a-ok) and breakfast sandwich, which I was unfortunately too preoccupied with stuffing my face to happy snap.

Miss L and B went for the sweet corn fritters - a true indicator of any antipodean style breakfast menu in my opinion.

And the CG and I opted for smashed avocado on toast. I think I've consumed an average of 4 avocados a week the last few months. Might have to step up the pace.

Perfectly runny eggs, creamy avocado, proper hashbrowns, and a big old smoothie. Sounds like a good Sunday to me. 

There's way too much on the menu to choose from which means we'll have to pop it onto our list of local haunts and go back again and again. What a hardship.

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