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Franco Manca, Clapham Junction

I'm studying again. STUDYING. I don't even know how to study anymore. All because I need to pass a test about life in the UK so I can remain in the country I've called home for the last six years. Blergh.

Somewhere between the stone age and the formation of the coalition government, we managed to squeeze in a little visit to Franco Manca, which opened locally just recently (or maybe not so recently, given that my days and weeks have been rushing by sooner than I can say "do you think we could convert one of our cupboards into a baby room?")

The place was buzzing, although a twenty minute wait on a Saturday night isn't too shabby really.

The kitchen pace is frantic, but the staff still have time to smile. On a related side note - the CG reliably tells me (if it's on TV it must be true) that cycling for ten minutes at the gym burns 49 calories, while 100 laughs burns 150 calories. Henceforth I'm going to attribute his zero fat physique to his excessive (and often inappropriate) laughter.

The soft, chewy, sourdough bases had the boys declaring them the best "restaurant pizza bases" they'd had (a fairly clever distinction for them to make since they clearly intend on consuming my homemade offerings again in future).

Definitely one to add to our regular local rotation - although I might have to finish learning approximately 300 names of important British sportspeople, artists, architects, writers, musicians and film makers first.

Wish me luck!

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