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Chapter 2014: here we go

Aaaaaaaand I'm finally pulling my finger out and getting back on the blogging bandwagon. I've been in a weird flux where what I've wanted to say I haven't been allowed to discuss, so I just....didn't say anything at all. You know how it is. 

Plus we had this massive 22 person Christmas to enjoy, and the week around it, which was a nice distraction.

So the quick update is that I finished one job this week, and tomorrow I'm starting another. I was all kinds of worried about being knocked up and not able to get work given I'm a ticking time bomb of baby birthing, but my old workplace miraculously got in contact with an opportunity that could not have worked out more perfectly. Now I not only get to work with Miss J (amongst others) again, but I'm back on a 21 minute train ride commute with a seat pretty much guaranteed in the mornings. BAM! No more sardine-tin-I'm-about-to-faint rides while heavily pregnant. Alls well that ends well.

I just know that time is going to speed by now, so I better get cracking on ticking off a few more to do's before life changes once and for all. Like making meringues. Which I did last night. Gawd, how my Saturday nights have changed.

So this is a happy new year from me to you - 2014 is going to ROCK. Albeit mostly soberly. And in a more "bouncing baby" than "crowd surfing at live gigs" fashion. Bring it on.