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My favourite time is now

I've spent more than three years on the road. I've visited 57 countries. I've lived in Sydney, I've lived in London. I've eaten at amazing places. I've met inspirational people. I've worked in small companies and big. I've been in musicals and stage productions. I've learnt languages. I've written stories. I've swum on deserted beaches. I've been on week long parties. I've had years of being selfish, of going where I want, eating what I want, being what I want.

And yet. Even after all that.

THIS is my favourite time.

The CG laying his head against my belly every night, and telling the baby about his day. My three year old nephew hugging my legs, and patting my belly saying "baby" any chance he gets. My mum knitting booties. Seeing our fat little baby wiggling around during our scans. Feeling it moving around inside me.

My favourite time is now. 

And there's so much more to come.