JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

A Room for Every Season

Two years ago I didn't want to get married. Then we got married. And now I want to do it all over again.

Especially when I go to events like the one recently hosted by rhubarb in Somerset House: a showcase of dramatic themed rooms for every season.

I adored Spring: is there anything more whimsical than candles handing from a tree? On a table as a centrepiece? Now that's impressive.

I'm already badgering the CG to throw me a birthday party with a gourmet popcorn station. Think truffle and parmesan, serrano ham and pea, black olive and yoghurt, and tuna mujama and lemon zest popcorn. Mind blown.

Oh wait - did I say gourmet popcorn station? I meant a gourmet popcorn station AND a liquid nitrogen dessert stall. 

That's right. Liquid nitrogen ice cream made in front of you, chocolate cones, cronuts, marshmallows and chocolate lollipops with popping candy. Yes. Oh yes.

High on sugar, I think I almost managed to convince him. Either that, or he agreed to renew our vows over ice cream, I can't quite remember.

I wonder if he'll let me buy another wedding dress too?