JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Taormina, Sicily

Life is so damn unpredictable. Just when you have one part sorted, another part turns around and punches you in the face. It's like the universe just wants to remind you not to get too comfortable. To get out there and keep on fighting, to get angry. 

This week has given me a serious arse kicking. But then we go to the hospital and get to hear the baby's heartbeat and I think: who cares? Who the hell cares about anything else? All I want in the world is for this little bitty baby to be healthy and strong so I can see the CG be the most amazing dad anyone could hope for.

We arrived in Taormina on the evening of our anniversary to find one of the cutest towns we've visited. 

We're talking dining on little cobblestone backstreets, complete with mariachi-style bands serenading, and views across the ocean. Serious views. Like this one from our room.

 And these ones from the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre.

The only problem with being from Oz is the extremely high beach standards all Aussies have. It always makes me irrationally irritated when relaxing on rocks and shale is expected in other parts of the world instead of sand. Thankfully the ocean was stunningly clear and cool.

Sadly, soon enough we had to head to Catania to get our flight home. But not before we managed to see a little rumbling from Mount Etna.

All non-baby-making holidays should be so relaxing.