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Heliot Steakhouse, Leicester Square

I'm got no stomach for gambling. I haven't the nerve required for betting big enough to make money, and I haven't got enough money to give me the nerve. Every loss is like a stab to the heart of my travel fund. A week in Vegas resulted in only a dollar spent on some slot machines just to say I'd done it.

But when Heliot Steakhouse in London's Hippodrome Casino is offering a three course meal with sides and a £10 gaming chip for £20? You can bet your bottom dollar I'll give the wheel a spin.

I'm a little bit naive when it comes to casino's I have to admit. I certainly wasn't expecting a well lit, bustling place full of everyone from hen's parties enjoying cocktails to post-work Friday night groups tucking into steak and lobster.

There is nothing more disappointing for a pregnant woman who loves rare meat than going to a steakhouse. Thankfully Miss B was on hand to commiserate with over our (actually pretty tasty, but still not steak) chicken.

Happily, the food was a solid standard, particularly for the price. There was nothing that kicked the meal into the realms of amazing, but the buzzy vibe and the view over the casino floor was worth the visit.

Guilty pleasure: dipping shortbread in creme brulee. I freaking love it.

Suitably full, we headed down to the roulette tables to take our chances. I'm sad to report that the experience did nothing but reinforce in my mind that gambling will never be a temptation for me. My £10 doubled, then disappeared in the blink of an eye. Miss B faired a little better and cashed out, her exciting win only marginally overshadowed by us witnessing a few thousand being handed over at the cashier to a nonchalant punter.

Maybe next time, eh?

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