JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Cefalu, Sicily

We rolled out of bed on our anniversary excited to wave goodbye to Palermo and head to our next stop, via a gorgeous drive along the north of Sicily's rugged coastline. 

As we motored along we ran through the alphabet, listing as many baby names we could think of. Hot tip for young players: when your mum asks "what names do you like for a boy?" DO NOT ENGAGE. This will only end in frustration as your parents try and persuade you to like the names they do. Remember, they already had their chance. Ignore them.

Hungry from our exertions, we stopped off for a long leisurely lunch in Cefalu - a cute beachside town nestled into the mountainous terrain. 

So many pastries. So little time.

So many blog posts. So little time.