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Benihana, St Paul's

R & B recently popped down to London to celebrate Ms B's big 3-0. (Well, maybe not so recently. Maybe I was just lazy as hell and got pretty far behind on my blogging and am now picking up my camera thinking "wow, I forgot I did / ate / saw this!")

We headed to Vinopolis so B could learn about wine, while the rest of us smacked as many buttons on the interactive screens as possible.

And sip...

...then suck through your teeth to let the vapours of the wine fill your mouth....

...and wash down with some tapas. Et voila!

40 wine credits later, we wandered across millennium bridge towards St Paul's for dinner.

Where we headed to Benihana for some hibachi, or teppanyaki, action. 

Now before I say anything else, the quality of the food was excellent and I really enjoyed our meal. Unfortunately, the little fly in our soup was a particular waiter who failed to grasp the concept of "the customer is always right". So when he produced a serving of prawn tempura when we had ordered prawn tempura sushi rolls, he insisted loudly and aggressively that we were wrong, because he had written down prawn tempura (and anything that is written MUST be right). He then spent a further 5 minutes trying to tell us to eat the tempura as it was, because it was just as good.

Now I'm no expert, but it's hardly like the prawns would go to waste since all he needed to do was take it back into the kitchen so they could bung them into a sushi roll and charge us for the inconvenience. Customer service fail, big time. The rolls were pretty damn good, thankfully.

I'm usually very weird about restaurants that require cooking to happen at your table because of the cooking smell you walk away with in your hair and clothing. I'm pleased to report that ventilation has certainly stepped up a notch since the last time I visited a teppanyaki restaurant, and I walked away smelling of nothing more than roses (my natural musk, obviously).

The hibachi rice and miso black cod get a special shout out - particularly good.

Hope you had a delicious birthday B!

Benihana Restaurant at Grange St. Paul's Hotel on Urbanspoon Square Meal