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Amaya, Knightsbridge

I have a confession.

I don't enjoy eating Indian. I KNOW! I know. Living in the UK and all. 

The problem seems to be two-fold: one, poppadoms with all their dipping sauce glory are the highlight which means I've always peaked way too soon, and two, the after effects. People talk about KFC or fish and chips leaving that "ugh...so wish I hadn't done that" feeling post-pigout, but for me that's a guaranteed post-Indian effect.

So imagine my delight at Amaya - no post dining regret, and a brilliant meal to boot.

Amaya, Knightsbridge: Minced Chicken in Lettuce Parcels - coconut, lime leaf and ginger dressing via @littleswallow

Succulent meats from the open grill, with prawns big enough to impress even this Aussie.

How to make it obvious to people who don't yet know you're pregnant as you pass your extremely raw (and delicious looking) lamb cutlet to your husband:
"Anything wrong with the lamb?"
"Oh no, the lamb is delicious. I'm just on a weird diet at the moment."
"Really? What kind of diet is that?"
"Um....one where I'm being tested for allergies?!"

My only gripe with Amaya - when I ask the waitress what's in the creme brulee at a Michelin starred restaurant, I'm expecting more than "it's a creme brulee" as a response. Luckily it was a damn good brulee.

Delicious grilled meats, creamy curries and lovely use of interesting flavours - pomegranate, fig, and rose to name just a few. Definitely worth a visit.

Amaya on Urbanspoon Square Meal