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Mallorca part 2: relaxing

The quest for the perfect selfie continued.

To the point where we started just taking the pee out of the whole thing. Let's just say I'm resigned to being a food photographer.

We did nothing but eat and relax for the rest of our time in Mallorca. On our final full day, we headed across the island to St Elm.

The water was soothingly cool on our hot skin, and sparklingly clear. The streets were so quaint and quiet we could feel ourselves melting into a perfect puddle of holiday chilled. A holiday apartment in a place like St Elm would do me just fine, thank you very much.

This grilled squid from 9 was the best thing I ate all trip (and I ate a lot of good things) - perfectly cooked, seasoned, and so fresh it was practically begging me to devour it. Bliss.

Total bliss.