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Mallorca part 1: reunion

I know I go on about it, but seriously: the CG is the most patient, understanding husband in the world. The man doesn't bat an eyelid when I announce I'm heading off on another girls trip, just wishes me a great time and promises not to get too drunk while I'm gone (that was a bit of a lie I now realise, but I'm not complaining).

Ms K's work trip to Europe meant one thing: Hola EspaƱa! It's so hard waking up to a view like this every day.

We headed into Palma on our first day, to explore the port city and do a little shopping.

I really question the need for a juice this size. Just unnecessary.

Know what I love about holidays, now that I'm old and decrepit? Afternoon naps. Go to sleep to this:

Wake up and get ready to hit the town! Meh. Who am I kidding? I mean, wake up and get ready for a romantic meal for two.

Riddle me this: WHEN am I going to get good at taking selfies? Someone needs to run a crash course on that.

Day two was a long, leisurely walk to Puerto Portals for some yacht envy, more shopping, and the best couscous salad I've had in a long time at Cappuccino.

Before meandering back home to lie poolside, via the beach.

How's this for wheels (or dodgy knees) friendly? A single level lift between street and beach.

Life is so tough sometimes.