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Whirlwind Berlin

If you have two nights in Berlin, call Jorg. You'll end up in Tausend with beautiful people on night one, and partying in Puro Sky Lounge in a VIP area with Meital filming her latest music video on night two. 

We rocked into Berlin on a Friday night to meet Miss T, who was on her travels around Europe, for a whirlwind 36 hours. 

Like my free sunnies? I'm such a trendsetter. 

We even managed to get our fair share of German sausage, schnitzel and pork knuckle. Done and dusted.


  1. Looks like a fab whirlwind trip!

  2. Bodacious pictures as always.
    I'm spreading the blog love and nominating you for one of those Liebster Award jobbies, if you fancy it go have a look
    Life Outside London

    1. Gotta give the other half credit this time for his pics! Thanks lovely, much appreciated! x