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St Petersburg, Russia

Last year Miss T and I got married a week apart, half a world away from each other. So instead of being there to help each other get ready, we missed each others weddings. Which sucked balls, basically. To make up for the disappointment, we planned a holiday together. I still have no idea why our husbands actually agreed to this.

After dragging ourselves out of bed after our Berlin party weekend, Miss T and I waved goodbye to the CG and headed off on our week in Russia. 

We got off to a dodgy start: rip off taxi drivers trying to convince us to pay three times what the real fare was (luckily we didn't cave), and a resounding slap to the arse delivered my way from a passing male while passing on the street. But after regaining our composure we went wandering and soaked up the gorgeous sunset.

The Russians like things BIG. Big roads, big buildings, big slabs of granite, big high heels. We have no idea how those extremely well groomed freaks managed to totter around all over the joint in towering heels. Our feet were sore slapping around in trainers and thongs all day.

St Petersburg was a beautiful city. Spanning canals, spread across multiple islands, the place was much more majestic and impressive than I had imagined. Maybe that was naive on my part, but I really didn't expect everything to be so....clean. Impressively historic and just so damn clean. 

Everywhere you looked there was something to wow you with its sheer scale. Inside the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, there are more than 7,500 square meters of mosaics covering the walls and ceilings. I had to physically restrain myself from taking excessive amounts of photos.

The food was good. Really good. I greedily gobbled in season chanterelles whenever I could, and gave Georgian dumplings filled with soup and meat a whirl.

The Hermitage was filled with art from all over the world, but its actual rooms were the most impressive part for me. Utter decadence.

Having seen enough on foot, we headed on a romantic sunset cruise, where we sipped prosecco and watched the city light up.

And just to make sure we'd seen St Petersburg by every way possible (metro, bus, boat, on water, land and up above) we headed up Saint Isaac’s Cathedral for a last look.

After three nights in St Petersburg (on only one of which we got stuck off our island when the bridges went up for the night), we boarded the overnight train to Moscow, bound for our next adventure.