JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Moscow, Russia

Overnight sleeper trains seem like such a good idea - save a night on accommodation, end up where you need to be with minimal fuss, and a gentle rocking sends you to the land of nod. The reality is they are freezing cold, pretty loud, and quite jerky. 

Miss T and I stumbled bleary eyed off the sleeper from St Petersburg in Moscow to gloomy grey skies. Things always look a little less amazing when there's no sunshine - at least that's the story I'm spinning. Whether it was the comparative impressiveness of St Petersburg, the lack of sunshine, or the fact that we were sleep deprived, Moscow seemed slightly less spectacular than our first few days in Russia. 

We tried our best to ward off sleep by slipping into our high heels and heading out for vodka and caviar.

Red Square was a little occupied during our stay, preparing for the military tattoo. (But we certainly weren't complaining about the abundance of men in uniform from seemingly every country we could name.)

One of the most impressive things about Moscow? Its ornately decorated metro stations.

After which point I think I forgot I had a camera. You'll have to take my word that we visited a brilliant market, ate the best lamb I've had in years, and met some very cool people, both Russian and Lebanese.

I'm definitely missing our terrible attempts at selfies now that Miss T and I have been separated by a 24 hour flight again. Friends forever.