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Grain Store, Kings Cross

Being pregnant is really hard when you're a foodie. Watching Miss B wade through the minefields of "Do you make your mayonnaise on site? Does it contain raw egg? Is the cheese pasteurised? Can I have it cooked well done?"is enough to make me want to sob at the sheer thought of giving up rare steak, soft cheeses and pate. Not to mention raw fish. It's like a premonition of my future, and it's not pretty.

While Miss B was making a baby, Kings Cross got cooler. We trooped over to Grain Store for a little Tuesday eve dinner action as the sun went down (which is definitely not cool, summer, these shorter days are NOT. COOL.)

There's something strange but equally interesting about having a meal that doesn't fall neatly into any particular cuisine. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about it. It seemed like every dish we had was inspired by a different part of the globe - from Indian to Spain to Russia.

Everyone knows what a fan I am of small plate dining so I get to try as many things as possible - and it really does seem that five is the perfect number for divvying up the plates at Grain Store. Veggies featured heavily in every dish, which maybe was the "cuisine" in common that I was searching for.

For me the chermoula grilled quail, pepper salad and anchovy dip, and sprouting beans with miso aubergine and crispy citrus chicken skin were the winning dishes. 

The others sneakily ordered dessert while I was otherwise indisposed, but I was so full I couldn't really give you an honest appraisal. The mousse was good, but nearly sent me into a food coma (apparently you shouldn't eat homemade mousse if you're pregnant FYI - just another one to add to the list).

The sun well and truly set, we all waddled outside. 

It's hard not to love a fountain with lights, don't you think?

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