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Caravan, Kings Cross

It was my turn this month to choose reading material for book club. Stylist described Tampa as "a grand, satirical, serio-comic examination of desire and a scorching literary debut."

I'd describe it as "a disturbing depiction of a sex crazed, calculating, manipulative female teacher actively preying on young boys, seducing them and all that stand in her way." Then I'd shudder and tell you that stepping out of your comfort zone is definitely not worth it in this case, and you should read something else. 

We headed to Caravan for our lively discussion.

Newsflash: two prawns doth not make a dish. No matter how small the plate is.

We hadn't realised so many of our selection were fried and crumbed (I blame the pregnant lady) but the best dish in our small selection for me was the lamb gnocchi.

I gotta admit I'm a little bit excitable at the best of times. But when a meringue comes out shaped like a cat - holy jeez. My heart can't take that kind of geeky awesomeness. Although now I'm looking at the photo it seems to look a little less kitty like and a little more sinister.

I remembered being much more impressed with Caravan at Exmouth Market, but I think the truth is that, maybe, my appreciation might be slightly tainted because (can it be?) I've been eating out a little too much (it actually physically pains me to admit that). Only at the next restaurant can I be sure...

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