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Aqua Shard, London Bridge

I don't think I ever mentioned just how much the CG loves The Shard. I probably never have, because frankly, it drives me nuts. I couldn't wait for the damn thing to be built, so I would stop receiving a running commentary on its progress every week.

He even managed to convince me to attend its laser show opening. Let me assure you: you have not known boredom until you've stood on a riverbank watching a soundless, fairly colourless, "show" emanating from a single building.

Just to show how much I love him, despite his disturbing love of tall buildings, I organised a little celebratory dinner for us the other week so he could once again soar to lofty heights (vomit).

Aqua Shard was beautifully decked out in exactly the kind of thirty-something-storey way you'd expect, with the restaurant and seating oriented towards the views out the window. Fabulous in theory, astronomically hot and squinty when faced with a glorious sunset.

Our cocktails were killer and the perfect start to our meal.

Both our starters were fresh and zesty, a good balance with our heavier mains.

I had pigeon for my main, which on reflection is odd, considering how much I abhor pigeons in real life. On a plate, however, they're always damn tasty, and I forget that I think of them as vermin.

This is going to be a bit of a strange criticism, but the service was way too fast. We barely had time to breathe between ordering and our starters being delivered, and the same again between our starters and mains. Don't get me wrong, I'm all up for not making people wait, but people coming to eat where views are concerned want to take their time, not feel rushed to eat before their food gets cold.

What was absolutely unexpected and lovely however, was their surprise anniversary dessert for us (we're celebrating for a month, 'cos that's just the way we roll baby!) - simple, delicious, and so thoughtful.

By the time we left the sun was truly set on our beautiful city.

We skipped out, leaving the other diners to soak up the twinkling lights of London. 

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