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Almost Famous, Liverpool

You know a burger has made an impression on you when you're standing in the middle of a street in Liverpool, frantically searching for a seemingly unmarked door just so you can taste sweet candied bacon again.

Inside Almost Famous, the place is humming. Diners place their orders at the bar, help themselves to sauces, cutlery, and big rolls of paper towel, before settling in to wait for their feed. You know a burger is going to be good if you're expected to use a roll of paper towel. And it gets served in a frisbee.

We may have gone a little crazy on the ordering.

We got not-burgers.

And fries. A whole lotta fries. (Um - seasoned sweet potato and regular potato fries mix loaded with toppings? Best idea...oh...this decade.)

And wings. From hot to super freaking hot.

But THIS. 

This is the reason burgers exist. Triple patty, candied bacon, pretzels for crunch, holy freaking cheeseburger. Top five burger experience, hands down.

Don't even ask me about dessert. I don't know how those girls fit it in.

Please, pretty please, Almost Famous - won't you come to London?

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